Will Drafting

When you are married but do not have children, your spouse automatically inherits all of your assets. In the absence of a Will, if you are married with children, then your spouse is entitled to only two thirds of your assets, while your children will receive one third in equal shares between them, even if you intended to leave everything to your spouse.

Farming assets can be complicated if any of the children are minors (under 18) or indeed if the children are unable to agree on what should happen to their share,in these circumstances, could lead to a part of the farm/farming assets being sold. Having a Will in place is crucial if you want to have your say regarding your assets after you pass away.

If you have minor children, you should consider making a will that addresses the situation where you and your spouse die simultaneously.It is important to consider who you might like to appoint as Executor/Trustees of your estate, who will handle the legal paperwork and who should be appointed as your children's guardians.

Regardless of your age, once you have any assets and once you have children, you should always make a will to deal with the unthinkable. A will can be amended at any time to reflect changing family and financial circumstances.