Disputed Wills

Whelehan Solicitor Tralee can advise on your rights and assist in a dispute on your behalf in the Courts involving spouses and children’s entitlements. There can also be disputes in interpreting wills.

Disputes related to Trusts, Estates, And Inheritances

Depending on your needs, trusts can be a great way to protect assets or beneficiaries. We work closely with tax consultants to provide you with detailed advice on a complicated area of law.
In the event that a Will or Will Trust does not meet the expectations, or there are disagreements between those inheriting and those in charge of administering an estate or looking after various assets, we understand how difficult it can be.

The following are some of the services we can provide

  • The process of challenging a Will - if there are problems with the Will itself
  • Taking action against executors or trustees if there is a dispute regarding estate or trust administration
  • In the Succession Act 1965, you may have a claim if you have been left out of a Will or have not received enough
  • Disputes over trust properties - such as claims that a property is held in trust for another
  • Property claims, including co-owned property
  • Asset administration concerns when a deceased person lacks the mental capacity to manage his/her affairs