Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do Whelehan Solicitor Tralee provide free legal aid?
A. No, Whelehan Solicitor Tralee are private client solicitors only and therefore do not provide legal aid.

Q. Do Whelehan Solicitor Tralee deal with District Court matters?
A. Yes, Whelehan Solicitor Tralee do deal with District Court matters. A retainer fee will be payable prior to our attendance in the District Court.

Q. How much does it cost to have a consultation with Whelehan Solicitor?
A. Whelehan Solicitor Tralee do not charge for an initial consultation. However subsequent meetings may be charged for. The subject of fees can be discussed during the initial consultation.

Q. Is it necessary to schedule a meeting to consult with a Solicitor in Whelehan Solicitor Tralee or do you accept walk in appointments.
A. It is advisable to contact the office and schedule an appointment time prior to meeting with the solicitor. This will ensure that the solicitor is available and can devote the time necessary to your meeting.

Q. How much does it cost to make a Will at Whelehan Solicitor Tralee.
A. The cost for preparation of a Will will depend on the complexity of the Will being drawn up. The fees charged for same may be discussed with the principal of the firm prior to drawing up the Will.

Q. My dispute involves less than €3,000? What do I do?
A. You should contact the Small Claims Office at Tralee District Court Office for guidance. The lowest value dispute we deal with is €5,000.

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