Whiplash Injury Claims

We can help with your whiplash or neck injury claim

Many people suffer from whiplash injuries, and they have the potential to be very serious.  Car accidents are often responsible for neck injuries, often caused by a car being struck from behind.  Many people aren't aware that these injuries can leave them with serious and long-term consequences.


An injury caused by an abrupt, sharp, involuntary movement of the head, neck, or spine is known as whiplash. It is often caused by rear-end traffic collisions or the incorrect positioning of a seatbelt during an accident.

Can Whiplash Cause Any Problems

The following are some of the characteristics of whiplash and severe neck injuries:

Back, neck, or shoulder pain that persists

A feeling of numbness or stiffness

The paralysis may be temporary or long-lasting

A fractured bone

Muscle aches

Whiplash injuries can be impairing and long-lasting. It is possible for you to receive compensation if you are unable to perform your normal daily tasks or work. A whiplash injury can resolve on its own within weeks, but other injuries of this kind may not heal at all or may take years for the injured party to make a full recovery.

What is the procedure for a whiplash or neck injury case

Before applying to the Personal Injuries Board in Ireland if you feel that you may have a whiplash or neck injury claim, you should keep all your medical records and documentation and vouching for all expenses associated with the injury and seek legal advice from a personal injury solicitor.