Slips & Falls Compensation Claims

You may have fallen over and felt like it was not your fault, often accidents occur when somebody fails to take reasonable care to make their property safe.

Public streets/roadways are frequently hazardous because of the negligent manner in which they have been constructed or repaired.

I bring a case for my fall?

In order to determine negligence, one must examine the following factors:

  • The Local Authority has failed to construct or repair a safe, hazard-free street, footpath or road.
  • A commercial establishment that you were injured in, such as a bar, pub, or shop, was responsible for the hazard that caused your injury.
  • In any other type of property, an owner or employee is responsible for knowing about the potential hazard but not taking action to fix it
  • In this case, the owner of the premises failed to act reasonably in order to prevent accidents from occurring, for example, by erecting a barrier or posting clear warning signs.
  • Ask the owner of the premises or his/her employee to note your injury. An accident scene photograph can be extremely helpful.

I fell, tripped or slipped. What should I do?

If you intend to bring a case for a slip/trip and fall you should contact a Personal Injury Solicitor as soon as possible after the accident. There is a limited period of time in which to bring a claim.

If you believe that another person or company is responsible for your injury, your solicitor will need details about all medical treatment and expenses relating to it, along with full details of the accident and whom you believe is responsible.