Holiday Injury Claims

We can help with your holiday injury compensation claim

In the event of an accident while on holiday, you may be able to claim compensation from your travel insurance or your tour operator even if the accident happened in the hotel or apartment complex where you are staying. Receipts for any money paid by you to your tour operator must be retained if you intend to pursue a claim. Medical receipts are also important for keeping track of expenses incurred for treatment.

In what type of accident can you bring a case on holiday?

The following situations may qualify you for compensation if you are injured:

  • While in spas or swimming pools
  • Due to the poor condition of your accommodation
  • While participating in winter sports
  • When participating in an organized excursion
  • During a road traffic accident as a driver or a passenger
  • During a hotel or apartment trip and fall
  • If you experience illness or food poisoning or drinking contaminated water, you may be eligible for compensation.

It is possible to receive compensation if your holiday has been shortened due to an accident or injury. Additionally, you may also be able to recover any medical/transport costs that occurred as result of your injury.

In the event of an accident on a holiday, how do I proceed?

In the event of an accident or injury, you must keep detailed records after the accident to include photographs of the scene, receipts for any expenses incurred as a result of the accident.  Additionally, getting a copy of your medical records before you leave the country will be useful since obtaining such documentation will be difficult.

It is important to furnish a solicitor with all documentation to include details of all medical treatment and the treating physician and a detailed statement in relation to the incident and they can give you advice about how best to proceed.