Back Injury & Arm Injury Compensation Claims

We can help with your back or arm injury compensation claim

Several types of injuries can be sustained as a result of road accidents. Among the most common injuries are arm injuries. The quality of life and ability to work can be seriously affected by arm injuries that involve muscle strains, crush injuries, fractures, nerve injuries, or other serious problems.

A back injury is common, and due to the complexity of the spine and the muscles surrounding it, the consequences can be severe. The consequences of back injuries can be life changing. Back injuries can occur as a result of accidents at work caused by lifting heavy objects without adequate training or falling, car accidents, sporting injuries or assaults.

The problems caused by arm and back injuries

The following medical issues resulting from arm or back injuries can be temporary or permanent:

  • Pain caused by chronic conditions or long-term conditions
  • Having difficulties walking or doing daily tasks
  • Symptoms of muscle pain or strain, or spasmodic pain in muscles
  • Bone fractures in the arm or vertebrae
  • Stiffness
  • Disc herniation
  • An inability to function as normal
  • Paralysis (full or partial)

How do I proceed with an injury claim for my back or arm

Before submitting an application to the Injuries Board, you should keep records of all your medical treatment and out of pocket expenses associated with your injury and seek advice from a Personal Injury Solicitor.