Employment Issues

Employment Issues

The employer/employee relationship can become difficult when disputes arise.

Whelehan Solicitor Tralee deal with various areas of employment disputes. Claims can range from dismissals, the recovery of wages or claims relating to discrimination.

Whelehan Solicitor Tralee deal with disputes arising out of Bullying and harassment within the workplace.

Bullying is behaviour that is offensive, intimidating, malicious or insulting. This type of behaviour undermines the person and humiliates them.

Occasionally an employee is forced to terminate their employment within a company because of the unfair behaviour of their employer/or work colleagues. This may be a constructive dismissal.

If the employer terminates the employee’s contract of employment in an unfair way this may be unfair dismissal.

Whelehan Solicitor Tralee can represent you (employer or employee) before the Workplace Relations Commission, which deals with most employment law disputes.

Whatever your challenge, Whelehan Solicitor Tralee will guide you through the process.

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